Graphic Designer

Part Time Position. Flexible Hours. Remote Work Opportunity.

At Go Media, we live and breathe social media marketing, and it's the heartbeat of our business. To craft extraordinary content and drive exceptional engagement, we're seeking individuals like you: seasoned, dedicated, and brimming with initiative! Proficiency in graphic design is a must, with a strong command of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. We're on the lookout for someone who's not only a design whiz but also a social media enthusiast, thriving on curating distinctive content for our valued clients. With your own mode of transportation, a trusty laptop, and reliable Wi-Fi, you're all set to join us. Embracing a work-life equilibrium, we're all about working from the comfort of your home (even in your coziest PJs!).

What sets us apart?

● Our foundation is built on authenticity. We understand that every professional craves the autonomy to excel, which is why we offer a flexible work arrangement that respects your individual rhythm. The days of rigid routines are behind us.

● The opportunity to collaborate with both national and international clients awaits, offering you exposure to diverse perspectives and the chance to make a global impact.

● There is opportunity for growth in our ever-changing industry and you will be rewarded as such.

● What truly sets us apart is the potential for your growth as a designer. We're on a trajectory to evolve and flourish. As we continue to grow, so do your opportunities to take on new challenges, learn, and carve out your own niche in the world of design.

Roles and Responsibilities:

● Leverage your graphic design expertise to generate captivating content for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Proficiency and expertise in Illustrator, Photoshop, or Canva are indispensable. This will include the post and story copy and graphics.

● Your creative ingenuity will extend to crafting brand components, including impactful logos, business cards, letterheads, icons, and more. Proficiency and mastery in Illustrator are pivotal.

● Take the lead in curating content for Instagram Stories. You'll shape clients story content and actively engage with mentions, messages, and comments. Your fervor for community management will shine through!

● Elevate client engagement by creating dynamic and visually striking reels that capture the essence of their brand. Utilise your graphic design prowess and video editing skills to produce reels that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact. Your ability to weave compelling narratives through motion graphics and visuals will be a game-changer in amplifying client presence across platforms.

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